printingI know that building a new business requires lots of money, especially for the marketing related activities. It includes the cost of printing for the promotional media. I thought, printing brochures, name cards, calendars for clients only cost a little of my budget. But, I was kind of surprised when the offset or digital printing cost have surpassed more than the half of my overall budget.


Fortunately, my friend urged me to visit At the first time I was visiting this website, I did not find anything special. I thought it was just an ordinary printing production house, with several printing services. But, when my friend showed me the printing products for his newly built business—that he had ordered from Print Place, I was suddenly amazed. This is especially when he mentioned that he got that high quality printing products at the very fraction of the cost.

Once I browsed around on each category in Print Place website, I was surprised to see the massive arrays of printing services here. I believe that this company has catered thousands of either business owners or individuals, who demand for the most dependable company for their printing purposes.

Ordering from PrintPlace

First, I ordered business cards, because they are the main priority for introducing my existence. They have such a high quality printing with UV coating along with the full colors, as I expected. They look eye-catching, while they do not look too cramped with the essential information about my company, like the contact information, location, services and the hours of operation. I also included the logo of my company, for a much easier recognition.

Once I knew that the business cards are very impressive, then I went on by ordering brochures. Definitely, they are the main weapon of any new business owner. Print Place offers so many options for the brochure size, quantity, paper stock, folding option, and many more. Once I ordered brochures in various versions for various clients in different locations, I selected the available Direct Mailing Services, in order to get my brochures to my potential clients, based on my own customer list.

PrintPlace Pricing and Coupon Codes

All of them are very affordable, so they can meet the needs of small business owners. Definitely, big companies can also save much money if they order digital printing products here. What I like most about Print Place is the Instant Pricing table. I can just customize the needs of my digital brochure printing and prepare the budget that I have to spend. No hidden cost. Here is a site providing great offers and a special printplace coupon code for business cards and brochures.

Well, I recommend PrintPlace to everyone I know, not only my own business partners.